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ali's Journal
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in ali's LiveJournal:

Thursday, August 10th, 2000
12:11 am
last night was off the heazy for sheazy..me, spence, lauren and jerry went to bar nashville tonight.. we saw freakin everyone there..went to chancey's place after that. had to be at work early so that sucked. lauren and i went swimming today at andrew's house with andrew and beau.. rich bastard lives in a million dollar plus house. the pool has a freakin waterfall coming into it. it's ridiculous.. had to work tonight at the country club-some more rich pricks..went to chancey's for a little while and now i am here. gotta work and swim tomorrow.going to banana joe's tomorrow night with leah i think.. we'll see i guess.. talk later..
"i ate so much shrimp i got iodine poisioning"
Monday, August 7th, 2000
1:41 am
thursday night sucked.. it rained as soon as we walked a mile from my car to downtown.. went to lindsay's house with jerry and then went and met up with scott and josh.. went swimming at westside. it was cool...friday night me, spence, lauren and jerry went to c nib's house with lowell. it was great.. more malibu for ali. love it with a passion. yesterday i played mud volleyball all day.. it was great but i was so dirty afterwards.. i went to mac's house last night with david, spence, christina, ja, jonathan and we went swimming. then we went to david's house cause mac's dad came home early-NO FUN!-we went swimming again at westside last night. today me and lauren layed out all day with beau, andrew, and parker. i had to work tonight and then i went to chancey's apartment with john-just remember that miller high life is the champagne of all beer. gotta babysit and work tomorrow-should be a great day! yeah right .who am i kidding. "THIS IS MY LAST RESORT"
Thursday, August 3rd, 2000
12:29 pm
off the heazy
wow.. last night was great..i got off work at 10:30 and then met up with brandi and lindsay. had some malibu--my favorite --and hit up Bar Nashville. great time.. saw people that i haven't seen all summer.. found out that a guy from knoxville i know died in a car wreck. that's no good.. don't really know what to say about that..
gotta work at 3:30 today.. lazy day.. i am going to dancing in the district and then going to banana joe's with christina and katie and lindsay.. should be off the heazy for sheazy.. one more thing... i hate big black x's on my hand
Monday, July 31st, 2000
12:21 am
okay .. i haven't done this in forever.. anyways.. i was "sick" tonight so i didn't go to work.. went to jenny's house and then went and ate at Cancun.. what a great place.. went to alan's but to say the lease he was being a real jerk.. then went to ja's house.. it was alright.. the landlord finally moved in though so we had to keep it pretty quiet.. took lindsay home and now here i am.. my parents are freaking me out with the whole college thing. i have to go shopping for Lord knows what for college. i hate shopping .. oh well.. going to wave pool tomorrow with lauren,casey, and michael. should be a good time...might just chill tomorrow night.. my first day off in a long time. i am finally going to get to wake up naturally.. gotta love that. i am out of here. ali
Tuesday, July 11th, 2000
12:46 am
well.i quit my job today.. sick of that bull shit.. but a got a new one that pays better and is so much cooler...also went to the doctor and he gave me the bull shit lectures about drinking and stuff when i go to auburn.. he said.. do you drink? i said .. of couse not. i am the dd.. yeah right.. that'll be the day.. anyways. lindsay is going to myrtle beach tomorrow for ten days. gonna miss that girl.. went to the lake tonight with lindsay, oba, and jerry. it was alright. these fat rednecks brought their boat into the dock--but they couldn't get it on the ramp right. what idiots.. went and saw tim when we got back.. what are worthless guy.. gotta work all day tomorrow .. but i start housesitting. that'll be cool. spence--i don't know if you read this. but you should come kick it with me here in nashvegas..on a side note. can't stop thinking about college .. can't wait anymore--for one reason. but i can't tell you what it is.. if you know--you are a definite bad ass. anyways.. gotta hit the sack. # 1 stunna..
Monday, July 10th, 2000
12:16 am
wow.. what a crazy week i have had.. that's why i haven't even been able to write..well on the fourth i didn't spend the night at j a 's house. we spent the night at spence's boyfriend's (jerry)
hhouse.. crazy crazy times.. tried to do something really bad.. but it didn't work -which was propably for the better.. thursday i got a ticket for not making complete stop.. that sucks ass. almost got another ticket thursday night for funning a red light at a really busy intersection.. i had 36 beers, 2 40's and an ounce of weed in my car that wasn't even mine and i got pulled over.. after the cop looked at my license he got a call on his radio for a burglary and he just told me to be more careful and then he sped off to go to the call. i am lucky as shit..ahhh.. friday night i worked until 10 and then went to chuck's house. he gave me a huge bruise on my arm for no reason. not very happy with him right now. last night i went and met leah at outback and then went to mac's house. it was pretty cool but there were a lot of people from other schools that i didn't know. then we went to this guy sam's apartment and had a kick ass time.. this 27 year old nasty dirty neighbor asked me to go back to his apartment with himm--disgusting.. no i didn't do it if that is what you are thinking.. spent the night at leah's house.. got home pretty late. i had to work from 11-10 today and then went to j a's tonight.. lots of smoking up there done.. played a little ping pong.. home now. good to sleep in my own bed.. ahhh. can't wait.. well.. i start housesitting tomorrow in a huge house. gonna be great.. lots of dogs to take care of though.they better not shit all over the house-that's all i gotta say.. talk later. ali (#1 stunna)
Monday, July 3rd, 2000
10:59 pm
i haven't been very faithful to this journal.. oh well.. that's okay. i went to a party the other night. it was alright. i was like the only one not drinking though cause i had to drive. lindsay got so messed up. it was hilarious. last night i had to work until 10 at the country club and then i went over to j a 's house. we had fun. tomorrow night i am spending the night over ther for the fourth. i am watching tom green right now and it is really funny.. tonight i had to work until 10 and then i went to this apartment where my friend was housesitting. the cat there kept attacking me and i almost threw it against the wall. that would've gotten me in a lot of trouble though. well. gotta work both jobs tomorrow-planning on getting really messed up though afterwards-really exciting. it';s been a while. talk later.. ali (#1 stunna)
Friday, June 30th, 2000
12:15 am
i just got back from knoxville for volleyball. it kind of sucked because i am so sore and we lost anyways. we had practice yesterday for 5 hours and then again for 2 and a half. i am so sore it is not even funny.. i can't move my arms all the way up. it is that bad. oh well... i am going to go to bed now. i am so tired..
Tuesday, June 27th, 2000
10:35 am
oh yeah. here is the song lyric for the day

"i wish for you on a falling star,wondering where you are, do i ever cross your mind in the warm sunshine."
10:31 am
i am back.. spent the night at crunk's house. we had a blast. last night we went dancing.. and to my surprise--the place wasn't packed with mexicans like i thought it would be.. it was cool but we had to wait in three separate lines for about an hour. oh well. it was also hot as balls in there.. went swimming in lauren's pool when we got back. that was very refreshing i must say.. also ate everything that was in her pantry. oh well. today is gonna suck.. i gotta go swim in a freaking swim meet and then go to work until 9. i leave tomorrow to go to knoxville for an all-star volleyball game.. should be fun and interesting. spending the night tonight at amanda's with courtney. we will propably go swimming over there too.. but i am not looking forward to waking up at 7 tomorrow. that will suck . oh well.. talk later. it's been real. ali
Monday, June 26th, 2000
12:29 am
i am not so good at this journal thing.. i have nothing to say cause my life is boring .. just kidding.. i really don't have anything to say. but i do have a song for the day. it is gay..but i love it .. it's "i wanna be with you" by mandy moore. it just sums up how i feel about a certain someone right now.. it's the only thing on my mind so i am going to write out the song..post any comments you want on how gay i am . i don't care..

i try but i can't seem to get myself to think of
anything but you.
your breath on my face, your warm gently kiss, i
taste the truth.i tast the truth
you know what i came here for. so i won't ask for

i wanna be with you.if only for a night. to be the one 's in your arms to hold you tight.
i wanna be with you. there's nothing more to say. there's nothing else i want more than to feel this way. i wanna be with you.

so i'll hold you tonight like i would if you were
mine. to hold forever more.
and i'll savor each touch that i wanted so much to
feel before. to feel before.
how beautiful it is . just to be like this.

i wanna be with you .if only for a night . to be the one who's in your arms to hold you tight.
i wanna be with you. there's nothing more to say. there's nothing else i want more than to feel this way.

oh baby, i can't fight this feeling anymore. drives me crazy when i try to.. so call me name. take my hand. Can you make my wish, baby, your command?

that's the song.. my mind is at a really weird state right now. i think about this person all the time.. any advice?
Friday, June 23rd, 2000
12:30 am
hey everyone.. listen to this story.. i was so pumped up..someone broke into the pool that i work at and squatted over the first step and took a huge dump.. so that means that i didn't have to work today! what sucks is that some little kid stepped in it! sucks for him. oh well. tonight i went downtown to dancing in the district. it was okay. there weren't many people there though cause everyone was at the phish concert.. this freshman girl was puking her guts out after 2 shots of vodka. pathetic.. i felt bad for her but what a fucking idiot! i got to drive a brand new mustang convertible tonight! i almost stalled out but it was still cool.. drank a little bit.. just a little.. we went to some girl's apartment afterwards and i have never seen so much la herbia( pot) in my life.. she had so much. she had to be a huge dealer..it was cool though...spence- i am glad that you are back on the computer and i can read your journals cause they are bad ass! when do your parents go out of town? keep me posted. well- bedtime.. i have to get two shots tomorrow. ouch. looking forward to it.. god bless and peace out ...
Thursday, June 22nd, 2000
12:48 am
hey everyone.. my name is ali and a friend told me about this so i decided to try it.. tell me what you think.. i just got back from camp war eagle which is orientation at auburn.. it wasn't too bad.. my friend spence talked about it in his journal but he didnt mention me.. so i will be nice and mention him.. he was in my group and we really got along great.. he is hysterical and he remembers that chivalry isn't an old bottle of wine.. he opened every door for me and everything.. i really want to see him when he goes to auburn this fall.. anyways.. tonight i had to work and it was awful. but i need the money.. oh well.. well. it is late.. this really sucks for my first journal entry. oh well. who really gives a shit. i don't .. goodnight
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